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About Us

Aryeh Silver

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About Us

Product Development for
Better Business

As the child of a tech developer, tech was in Aryeh’s blood. So it’s not surprising that Aryeh’s idea of having fun was to create websites. His father encouraged it.

Acting on his dad’s advice, Aryeh decided to use his problem-solving know-how to help companies advance using technology. And so, after training extensively as a software developer, All Dev came into being. 

And, we’ve been solving problems for companies ever since, from user-friendly websites for better online experiences, to managing products better with data management systems.

For your customer

Whether through your website or mobile app, we’ll help you reach your ideal and present clients effectively.

For your staff

Make your backend processes more efficient with a new or updated desktop app to help you increase employee productivity.

Why All Dev

We deal with all aspects of Software Development

Get the best solutions available

We’re always updating our skills to give you the best solutions available.

Keep to your schedule

Your time is your money. Quick responses are our way of showing respect for it.

Stay in control

Whenever possible, we like to put our clients in the driving seat, giving them the autonomy to make your solutions work for you.